“I guess I’ll always need you, but don’t take that as a complaint.” He shrugged and grinned at Hyeji. “And of course I remember it, and I wish I could go there, but…. I forgot the way to there long time ago.” He sighed. The only thing he really hated about himself, was that he could get lost so easily, even with a map or a GPS. 

While they walked on the street quietly, Yoohwan watched the girl in front of him. Sometimes he wished if he could fall for her, probably everything would be much more easier… “Why do I have to live such a complicated life…” he asked himself, not as if he expected any answer. He sighed and looked up at the sky above them. “The stars are pretty, aren’t they?” he smiled at Hyeji.

"Not complaining though, dear Hwannie," she countered, making faces playfully. So it had been a really long time already. The playground where Hyeji concorded all of her memories from before, growing up as a Song, also being the silly girl that she was and still is. What lingered Hyeji’s mind at the moment is that people close to her seem to forget about the past easily while she on the other hand, chooses to reside over the things that had happened to her. 

Noticing Yoohwan’s silence, she turned to him and was quite taken aback. It appears as if he has been watching her intently for a minute or so. “Our parents said that it’s bad to stare,” she pretended to scold him. When he suddenly took notice of the stars, Hyeji, as if being compelled, looked up too and found the stars shining ever so brightly. Her mind wandered for the nth time today, “I wonder if he’s looking at the stars too tonight…”

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